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Robin is an accountant by training, and she helps with the day-to-day operations of the practice.

Robin says,“Our mission at this dental office is to provide caring, cheerful, and conscientious treatment to all of our patients. Our belief is that we must all treat others as we would like to be treated and this philosophy extends to our professional lives as well as our personal live

family dentistry Oklahoma CityAnnette

Annette is our office manager. She handles scheduling, deals with insurance, and does 100 other things in our office that are crucial to our success. Her job is not easily described because she does so many things for the office to keep it running day to day.

She has a background in computers, as well as a background in restaurant management. She has also managed a chiropractic office and has worked in dentistry as an office manager for over eleven years. She knows all of our patients by name as most of them have been coming to this office for many years.

Annette is an honest person who knows how to get things done and is very skilled in her role. She knows how to relate to just about anyone you might meet and her presence brings a high degree of organization and professionalism to the office.

emergency dentistry OklahomaMarion

Marion has been a dental assistant for over nineteen years. She works very efficiently and has a very steady presence that is always upbeat and cheerful. Her attitude is excellent day in and day out and the patients rely on her as a steady and calming influence when they see us for dental treatment.

She is very confident in her role because she is an expert in her field and the patients understand her confidence and are relaxed when she talks with them. Marion runs in races with Katrina and they are good friends. If you can get Marion angry, you must really be trying because she is very kind and reasonable. She is easy to work with and patients love her.

Marion knows many of the patients by name, having seen the same people sometimes for seventeen years for their dental treatment.

family dentistry Oklahoma CityTulia

Tulia hails from Florida. She works with our office full time and is very skilled in her profession. She has been a hygienist for many years and the experience shows.

If a patient has a question about their gums or teeth, Tulia is always happy to talk with them and explain their situation. She stays current with dental CE courses and is genuinely interested in patients stay healthy.

She helps Dr. Kirby by talking with her patients and letting him know if they have particular sensitive areas or other problem areas in their mouth before he does his exam. This allows the patient and Dr. Kirby to be on the same page and allows an efficient exam after cleanings.

emergency dentistry OklahomaJill

Jill is from Enid and is a very kind person who wants to treat her patients as family members, with gentleness, respect and always in an educational manner. Jill is a team player with her co-workers and knows the importance of being efficient with her time and in listening to patients’ requests.