Many people are missing teeth. Of course, this makes chewing more difficult, but did you know that losing teeth also causes you to lose bone as well? Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and to preserve your bone.

An implant is simply a surgical screw that is inserted into your jawbone by a dental surgeon to replace a missing tooth. Once the implant heals in place (usually two to three months) and the implant has become one with your jawbone, your general dentist places a crown on top of it. The implant process requires teamwork between your oral surgeon and dentist to give you the best functioning and appearing tooth replacement on the market. You may still floss around it, unlike a bridge that connects your teeth. Implants are not always covered by insurance and are one of the most expensive procedures you can receive at a dental office because of the time involved. They should last longer than a bridge so the initial cost is usually recovered over time.