Emergency Dental Care in Oklahoma City


No one plans for an emergency. Things happen that we don’t expect, but it’s important to have a plan of action. In the case of a dental emergency in Oklahoma City, you need to know who to contact and what to do. Classen Family Dentistry welcomes anyone in need of urgent dental care to the office Monday through Thursday. We don’t overbook our schedule, so we can make time for emergencies.

One of the most common emergencies is a broken back tooth or a chipped front tooth. Other emergencies involve the loosening or jarring of teeth from the mouth or dental abscesses. Accidents happen. When they do, patients need immediate attention. We’re here to administer that quality attention.

As soon as an emergency occurs, plan to call us and let us know that you need emergency dental care in Oklahoma City. We will make arrangements at the office to accommodate you and your needs. To improve our ability to accommodate during an emergency, try to explain exactly what has occurred and we can make arrangements before you arrive at the office.

Our staff will greet you at the office and do anything they can to ease pain and make your care as comfortable as possible. We know that emergencies tend to be painful and we will work hard to administer any pain relief we can offer. We will make an initial diagnosis and determine what can be addressed at the moment and what we need to do in the future.

We won’t let you leave until everything has been properly evaluated, you understand your current condition and we determine the treatment necessary to improve your oral health. It’s important that we let you leave with good information and understand how we will fix the problem. Don’t worry; we will do everything in our power to address your emergency with quality and care.