Children’s Dentistry in Oklahoma City


Children are a precious part of our lives. They add joy to the life of any family and make us quite proud. With children comes responsibility and one of the most responsible things a parent or guardian can do is making sure their child is healthy. There are many aspects of health and each must be closely monitored as children grow.

As children grow, they will lose their baby teeth and start to get their adult teeth. It is important to provide good oral health to your child during their growth because this will affect them for the rest of their life. Help them by bringing them to an Oklahoma City children’s dentist at a young age. Even if a dentist does not administer any dental treatment, they can monitor the growth and health of your child.

Dr. Kirby is a general dentist, not a pediatric dentist. However, he does work with children regularly and invites them to come along with their family. He can and will administer dental care to any children who need it. He also likes to track the health of young ones as they grow and mature, making Classen Family Dentistry a great location for anyone seeking an Oklahoma City children’s dentistry.

If you have a young one with you, bring them to Classen Family Dentistry when you visit and Dr. Kirby will be glad to take a look at them.

Take care of your children by making sure they get proper examination and treatment from when they are young. There’s nothing better you can do for them than making sure their health is monitored and well tended to. So the next time you need dental care, think of your children as well and bring them with you to Classen Family Dentistry. We will be glad to see them.