Teeth Cleaning in Oklahoma City


Getting your teeth cleaned isn’t the most exciting task on your schedule and Dr. Tim Kirby understands. Most people dread the day they have to walk into the dentist office, sit in a chair and let hygienists use dental equipment to spruce up their teeth. It’s not enjoyed by most, but it can be made comfortable.

Teeth cleaning in Oklahoma City is important for the overall care of the mouth and your entire body. To live a healthy lifestyle you must have a clean mouth and it starts with routine dental care.

When you come for a cleaning at Classen Family Dentistry you will not be hit with long waiting times. The scheduled time you asked for is yours and no one else share that time with you. So when you enter the dental office, you will be directed to your area of cleaning in just few minutes.

Comfort is key at Classen Family Dentistry. We know it’s not the place you want to be, but we will make your appointment as enjoyable as possible. Our staff is gentle with every patient that comes through the door because they are not overworked or rushed. They constantly ask if you are doing okay and make sure to attend to your needs. If you need special accommodations, just ask and we will do our best to provide what you need.

With great comfort and minimal wait time, you will be in and out of the office with clean teeth and ready to live a healthy life in no time. Our dental work is about you, the patient, and how we can make dental hygiene as accommodating as possible. It’s your oral health and we’re here to protect it.